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A: Good afternoon. Can I check in here for the British Airways flight to Amsterdam, please?
B: Yes, madam. May I see your ticket and passport, please?
A: Yes, here you are.
B: Would you put your luggage on the scales here, please?
A: Yes, sure. I hope I haven't got any excess.
B: No, it's all right, only 15 kilos. Any hand luggage?
A: Just this handbag.
B: Which section would you like - smoking or non-smoking?
A: Non-smoking, please. I'd also like an aisle seat.
B: All right. Here's your seat number and boarding pass. Your flight will depart from Gate 5 at 15:30.
A: Thank you.
A: Good morning. Can I help you?
B: Yes, I'd like to book a coach tour, please. To Germany.
A: In which month, please?
B: June or July.
A: I see. And for how long?
B: Two weeks, if possible.
A: Two weeks? Right. We have trips to Berlin on June 3rd, June 18th and July 21st.
B: Did you say June 21st?
A: No, July 21st.
B: Oh, I see. Well, the one on June 18th sounds all right. I'll take that.
A: How many of you will there be?
B: Just me.
A: Right. Now if I could just have some details from you...
A: Good morning. The Grand Hotel.
B: Good morning. I'd like to reserve a single room for three nights starting with the fourth of August. Do you have any vacancies?
A: I'm afraid our single rooms are fully booked. Would you like a double room?
B: What are your rates for a double room?
A: It's $ 76 plus VAT.
B: OK, then. I'll take a double room.
A: In whose name shall I book it, please?
B: In Brown's name.
A: How will you be paying?
B: By credit card.
A: Thank you, sir. You are welcome to the Grand Hotel.

In the City


A: Excuse me, could you tell me how to get to the railway station? I've lost my way.
B: Yes. Go straight ahead till you come to the traffic lights. Turn left there and it's the first turning on the right.
A: Straight ahead up to the traffic lights, left and then right.
B: That's it. It'll take you about five minutes.
A: Thank you very much.
B: You're welcome.
A: Victoria, please. I have to be there by 11:15.
B: 11:15, sir? Oh, we'll make it all right.
A: And would you stop at the Royal Hotel? I have to pick up my suitcase.
B: You're in good time. It's only five past eleven. That'll be $ 2.80, please.
A: Thank you very much. You can keep the change.


A: Can I help you?
B: No, thanks. I'm just looking around.
A: Okay. If you find anything you like, just let me know.
B: Now that you mention it, I do want a jacket.
A: All right. What size do you take?
B: Well, I'm not sure.
A: I think a size 14 might fit. Would you like to try this one on?
B: Yes. Where are your changing rooms?
A: Over there. In the back of the shop.
A: Sorry, I bought this sweater here last week. This is Large and it was supposed to be Medium.
B: Oh, I'm sorry, but there's nothing I can do about it, I'm afraid.
A: Could I have my money back, please? Here's my receipt.
B: All right. We'll be getting some new ones next week, though.
A: OK. I'll look in then.


A: Hunter Engineering. Can I help you?
B: I'd like to speak to Mr James Marsh, please.
A: Who's calling, please?
B: My name's Weston. I'm from Hawks Business Machines.
A: Would you hold the line? I'll see if Mr Marsh is free.
B: Yes, thank you.
C: Hello, Marsh speaking.
A: Oh, hello, Mr Marsh. I've got a Mr Weston from Hawks Business Machines on the line. Can you speak to him now?
C: Oh, yes. Thank you. Put him through, please.
B: Good morning Mr Marsh. I'm trying to fix our next meeting. What days are you free next week?
C: Well, let me look in my diary. Monday's a bit difficult. I've got another meeting.
B: How about Tuesday at 9.30?
C: That would be fine.

Party Time


A: Hello! Fancy meeting you here.
B: Hello! How are you?
A: Fine. And you?
B: Not so bad. Sorry, I'm afraid I've got to be going. I promised to be at home by twelve.
A: It was nice to se you again. Remember me to your wife.
B: Thanks, I will. Take care.
A: Thanks, you too.


A: Look who's arrived! Tom, nice to see you. Let me introduce you to some of my friends. This is Jane and Robert.
B: Hello! Pleased to meet you, Jane and Robert.
C: Nice to meet you too.
D: Nice to meet you too.
A: Oh, hello, Mr Simmons. May I introduce you to some of my friends?
Jane Rust, Robert Catlin. This is Mr Charles Simmons, my bank manager.
E: How do you do? I'm very pleased to meet you.
B: Nice to meet you.
C: Glad to meet you.
D: Happy to meet you.
E: I'm sorry I couldn't catch your names. Did Paul say your name

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